Kara Kirk pic 5.20.2019

Born in Murfreesboro, raised in Texas, she returned home to Murfreesboro with her family in 2000. She graduated from Riverdale High School in 2008 and then attended Covenant College for two years to pursue her dream of playing college volleyball. It was in her physical training for volleyball she found her love for fitness, both sports training and weight lifting. Following her sophomore year, she transferred home to Middle Tennessee State University where she completed her Personal Training certification later that year and received her BS in Exercise Science in December of 2012. She continued her career in personal training and started her own business through an internationally known and growing health and wellness company.

Given the opportunity in March of 2015, she decided to join the family and pursue a different side of life, continuing her business and training on the side. She is quickly gaining experience in the industry with self education and the blessing of learning alongside her father and other family members. This exciting turn in life has spurred growth in many areas and an ever greater respect and love for her family.