Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission at the Swanson Companies is to help you build your future and turn your dreams into reality with professional service and personal relationships. Through its 85-year history, the Biblical principle that has helped our company grow comes from 1 Peter 4:11 and reads:

In all that you do, bring glory to God.

A Family Tradition

Three generations ago, Clifford Swanson, dreamed of having a family-owned business that could be successful while helping promote Christian principles and family values. In 1935 the dream became a reality. With his faith, resolve, hard work and the support of his family, our founding father started a company that sold printed Christian materials and gift items out of a small room above a grocery store in his home state of Pennsylvania.

As the company grew and made a name for itself, one success led to another success. In 1951, the family and the business relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida. When Clifford retired in 1963, his youngest son, Joseph Swanson, purchased the business and moved it to Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The space he found to continue growing the business was inside a former church where he believed the business would reside for five or more years. However, with God’s blessing of quick growth, Joseph realized he needed a larger building much sooner. He chose property on Park Avenue in Murfreesboro and built a building twice the size they needed and leased the other half to a local business. And thus, Swanson Developments was founded.

In 2010, Joseph Swanson realized his dream of passing on Swanson Developments to the third generation of Swanson men and his son Joe Swanson, Jr. is the current CEO today. His more than three decades of real estate experience and long history in Middle Tennessee give the entire team at Swanson Developments an edge over any other local or remotely operated real estate company.

What About Swanson Christian Products?

Swanson Christian Products legacy lives on today as part of Victory Christian Center and includes the manufacturing and distribution of a wide variety of Christian products. The youngest of Joseph Swanson’s children, Adam has overseen this operation since 2000 and also co-pastors Victory Christian Center. What began as a dream in a single room atop a store in Pennsylvania is now several diversified companies doing business around the world from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. All this done, as 1 Peter 4:11 says, to “bring glory to God.”

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